April 9, 2016

About Curing Cube

Curing Cube™ is a diode-based light curing unit tailored to the various composite materials used in dentistry.  Curing Cube™ can be used to make denture bases, custom trays, provisional crowns, prosthetic repairs, appliances, stents, and more with any of the composite materials available on the market!

Not only this, Curing Cube cuts down on cure times 50% or more!

High intensity diode-based curing also means significant heat is not generated, so any waxes that are used will not melt, and temperature distortion of material is minimized.

Curing Cube works with the following products:

Triad® VLC materials – Radica® Provisional and Diagnostic Resin – SternTek® VLC materials – Ceramage® Zirconium Silicate Composite – and more!